Soap Loaves

Soap Loaves - Limited Time Offer

Soap Loaves (full $90, 14 bars and 1/2 size $49, 7 bars)
Soap loaves are one time only. When they're gone they're gone. Great idea to have lots of soap on hand for hostess gifts and guest soaps. You can cut them yourself with a butter knife. Also comes with enough belly bands if using as hostess gifts.
Olive, palm and coconut oils, shea butter, water, sodium hydroxide, FO's, micas/oxides for colour. 100% recycled wraps.
Scents currently in stock include Ginger Cilantro, Grape, Blueberry, Chai Tea and Vanilla Sandalwood, Algonquin Summer, Waterlily, Chai Tea & Green Swirl, Chai Tea, Waterfall Mist, Pink Rain etc.


Email Through contact page for availability and types!

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